November 25, 2012

More New Work

Here are a few of the newest carvings I have done recently. They are studies really, sketches in clay.  It's exciting to be playing and exploring new imagery, different clay, different surfaces.  I have done test tiles and started a few vessels...mugs that I am really excited about. If I can finish up what I have in the studio this week successfully, I will be showing these pieces at Noel Night at CCS (the college where I graduated) this Saturday for an evening sale.  I wanted to have this new work exclusively for the event, but have not been as productive as I had hoped (and also I have sold several pieces already... yay!) so I might have to augment with jewelry. Or decide to pass and stick to Rust Belt for the night.  We'll see what the week brings...
 "Cherry on Top" ~sold
 "Caged Freedom" ~sold
 "Contemplations on Service"

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  1. Oh! These came out great! I love your use of color!

  2. You know, you were one of the very first handmade bead artists I purchased from when I began designing. I remember raiding your booth at my first Bead and Button show and ordering a big bunch of things online when I came home. And I've been on your Design Team.

    I'm completely in awe of the steps and strides you've taken in your work, the changes, the styles, but all with the beauty and integrity and quality I've always loved.