November 12, 2012

Final Clearance Sale

I am making some good progress on my clearance sale.  I have further discounted a couple dozen more items, which are now priced at wholesale until they are sold out. You can find the Final Clearance section here, if you want an opportunity to get some of these items before they are gone for good!

I am still thinking a lot about what I want to do instead of what I have been doing.  It's probably a little backwards of me to close down one thing before knowing my direction for the next, but I think this is just how I have to do it.  The timing is pretty good too, as I can give it a lot of thought during the holidays and work on reducing my inventory, so I can start fresh in the New Year.  It's pretty scary, I feel like I am leaping without a safety net. But I am a creative, smart, and resourceful girl, I will figure it out... my friends keep reminding me of this. And I need to follow my passion, wherever that ends up taking me.  I am so burned out at the moment, it is hard to see things clearly, but I have faith in myself that I will figure it out somehow, hopefully soon.
Tomorrow I will share some new work with you... things I am experimenting with and enjoying. Out with the old, in with the new!

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