September 17, 2012

Rust Belt Return

Over the weekend I returned to my little part time retail storefront.  I took a big leap and signed a 24 consecutive weekend contract which started last weekend and takes me past the holidays.  It's a bit of a risk, although judging from last year's holiday season, it is a well planned risk.  And the weekend was a great reminder of how good the holidays were, as there were two big art fairs that brought in lots of customers and sales.  Fellow vendors were happy to see me and customers told me they have been waiting for my return.  That was good for my ego.
I am streamlining my display and the process and selection that is available for people to make their own necklaces.  Choices are good, but too many can be overwhelming, so I am trying to narrow down the metal charm and chain/ribbon choices.  If I am going to expand, it is in my clay choices, as it should be... that's the part that brings me joy.  I have also decided to add some simple finished bracelets and earrings to the mix for add on sales.  And I really want to bring in some more carvings and maybe even some sculptures. 
It was an exhausting weekend, but it lit a bit of a fire under me and I hope to build up some momentum again for holiday sales.  I have a bit of confidence again that I have a pretty good thing going when I work hard at it, and I would like to be able to keep up this crazy artist lifestyle if I can.  I can't really imagine doing anything else.

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