August 30, 2012

Experiments with Liquid Clay Slip

 A really bad habit I get into sometimes is rolling out slabs and forgetting to cover them.  This is mostly because they are too wet to start out, so they do have to sit around for a while, and I tend to forget.  oops.  I had these two slabs that got a little too stiff to be rubber stamped anymore, so I decided to play with some new pendants using liquid clay slip.
 So I popped out a bunch of shapes, trying to use as much of the space on the slabs as possible because I didn't want a lot of leftover clay.  It was a bit too stiff to roll out new slabs, so the excess would just have to be dried out for reprocessing later.
And then I applied the slip to the pendants.  This is lots of messy, sloppy fun.  Liquid clay in a squeeze bottle, squished around with my bare fingers.  Whee!  This is similar to what I did with the Ice Cream pendants I blogged about making last summer. They look very organic and Art Nouveau like.  I think they will be pretty with different glazes and it will be fun to see how the glazes respond to the soft lines of the slip.  Yay for fun new stuff!  And for making lemonade out of lemons.

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  1. Waiting to see what becomes of these!

  2. oh i love how they look like those interesting rocks you find that look like they were made with spackle and a putty knife. can't wait to see the effect!

  3. These look really interesting, looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

  4. excited to see the finished product.