June 21, 2012


 The summer sun is taking its toll on the clock project in the yard!  We are getting into some Salvador Dali disintegration now!
 I barely took any pictures at the show.  I stole this one from the lovely Lorelei Eurto.  I have a cute little smirk on my face here.  And the also lovely Erin Siegel is in the background behind me.  It was great to have those two ladies in my booth so often, signing their book, meeting fans, and getting to chat with everyone.

It's been almost three weeks since I last blogged and it is time to get back into the swing of things.  Yep, yet again, Bead & Button kicked my beady butt.  I spent an entire week mostly resting and recovering, doing the bare business basics like shipping and writing articles for deadlines and reorganizing my show stuff.  I still am sorting and struggling to get back motivated a week and a half later.  But I have rolled out some clay slabs and have most things in order. One major point of action that I decided upon at the show is that I need to establish a better, cleaner, and more efficient work space for my non clay stuff.  My jewelry design and mixed media experiments have been neglected, so that is something important I need to reconnect with.

This was my glazing desk, but I moved my glazes to the basement and I am going to take the whole room for beading and mixed media work.  The room is quite messy right now, with craft supplies everywhere, so I am working on organizing and getting things in order so I can actually work, not just add to the crafty pile.  I have an order that will keep me busy for the next month, so I don't know when I will actually be able to work in here, but I want it to be ready for when I can, and getting organized in between doing the production for the order might help keep me sane.

I am getting back to work and re-inspired, slowly but surely!

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  1. Hi Miss Melanie....and yes what a cute little smirk on you cute face.....thanks for the update and I really really hope I can make it next year to the B&B...imagine how I would be there...lol..I was like a little kid in a candy store in Michigan....thanks for sharing...xox