June 26, 2012

Back in Print

It's been a long time since I advertised in the beading magazines.  I did it very regularly for quite a while there, but that was when I had a little bit of extra money.  Then I started writing projects regularly, for many years, and that seemed to take the place of needing to buy ad space, so I dropped the ads.  And then I got too busy for writing projects, and too budget conscious to run ads, so I have been without regular visibility in the bead trade magazine world for quite some time now.  Time to get back in gear.  I just recently submitted 4 projects and hope to get a couple of them published.  And I created my first ad in many years this afternoon.  I used the image above, showcasing some of my new designs, for a fall magazine issue. Graphic design is not one of my strongest suits, but I have a pretty good eye and I think I do ok with it. I will be excited to see it in print in a few months.

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