May 1, 2012

Crystal Clay from Fusion Beads

 I recently received a multi-package of Crystal Clay* from the fine folks at Fusion Beads.  It came with four colors of earthy resin clays, some crystals to imbed in the clay, and a channel bead* to cover in clay.  While I am a die-hard ceramic lover, I always like to see what other kinds of materials are on the market, especially clay-like types of materials.  This is a fun little packet that has a lot of potential.
 The first thing I did was make a bead using the channel bead as the base.  I was able to eyeball just the right amount of material, making two equal sized balls from the two clays that get kneaded together. I used a medium brown for this bead and stamped it with a rubber stamp that I designed.  Then I added the crystals that came with the packet and set them into the clay.  I let it all set for a couple of days and then used some Ranger paint dabbers to add a bit of contrasting color to the impressed areas, wiping the surface with a damp cloth to reveal the clay.
 I also had some pewter bezels and did the same technique with the same stamp and some sparkly stones I had in my collection.  I used two of the other colors of clay for these.
And finally, I used the white clay in a Vintaj bezel that I had domed with a hammer.
The clay was really easy to work with, although it is sticky so I recommend using the gloves as the instructions say.  It looks like there are a ton of colors and it has a long setting time, so there is a lot of opportunity for doing more involved things.  I really liked working with the Crystal Clay and look forward to playing with it more someday!
*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Fusion Beads were provided as a promotional gift for 
review or design purposes.

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  1. Love these new ideas for the crystal clay....anxiously awaiting the arrival of mine<3