April 10, 2012

Random Update and New Wholesale Bundles

 Not a whole lot of anything new to mention lately.  I am mostly still recovering from the mess of tax preparation, which I am pleased to say is finished.  It didn't even kill me this year!  Every year, I get a little more organized.  For this year, I am planning to get into a habit of entering my expenses into a spreadsheet every month, so I don't have the end of the year crunch.  Mike, my amazing inventory guy and spreadsheet nerd extraordinaire, is making me that spreadsheet, and I am determined to catch up on the last three and a half months of paperwork and keep on it.  I can't do this tax stress thing again!
 Other than that, I am filling a few big orders (shipped one out today), working on the trunk shows, doing my weekend Rust Belt thing, and keeping the website stocked. I am starting to hoard beads away for the Bead & Button show in June and I know I really need to kick up production.  That will be what I do ALL of May, so I am trying to get things all organized before I disappear into the bead factory that is my basement, lol.
The last steps of getting organized and stocked up is to fill up the Etsy shops.  I added the three Wholesale Bundles shown here today.  I have three more to photograph and list and then I want to add to the other Etsy shops, including the jewelry shop.  Which reminds me, I need to stock the galleries with jewelry too.  Heh, it just never ends!

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  1. Es todo precioso. Te sigo desde ahora. Besos desde Barcelona (España)

  2. What wonderful colours, very springlike.

  3. Wow! I love the shades of green. Nice post.