March 19, 2012

Trunk Show Preparation

Wow, look at all those pendants!  That's 300 pieces there!  I recently decided to try sending out trunk shows to stores and my goal was to have a box full of 100 pieces for each store. I thought that was a lot of extra stock, but felt prepared for it. When I sent out a small mailing to a few interested stores, I was pleased to get affirmative responses back from not one, but three stores... all wanting trunk shows for April. *gulp* But you know what?  I think I have it covered!  I searched the studio, finished up some bisque, and piled them in this tray.  Now I have to bundle them up in pretty little assortments that make a little more sense and do some photography and paperwork.  It feels good to be at least prepared on the physical clay end to meet this goal.  So trunk shows, here we come!

By the way, if you have a store or know a store that might be interested in a trunk show (for sometime after April, lol), please email me at and I will get the info out to you.

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  1. That is an excellent idea. I hope you much sales success! :)

  2. That is so very inspiring Miss Melanie! I would love to be as prolific, and I would dearly love to do some trunk shows. I hope you will report back on your successes and learning moments along the way! Kudos!
    Enjoy the day.