March 2, 2012

A New Leaf

I am on track this month!  Look at me, it's day two and I have already made a new item inspired by my monthly theme of The Forest.  Sometimes, inspiration also comes in the form of using tools and supplies you already have in a new way.  These leaves were made from a ceramic mold that I had used only once.  I had molded the leaf and used the ceramic mold to "shrink it down". As clay shrinks each time it is fired, I can mold an item, fire it, mold it again, and each time it shrinks a bit more. This mold was one of the stages and was only used to make the smaller leaf (so I could have two sizes of large and small matching leaves)  I found the mold today and thought about how well  it might be used as a stamp instead of a mold. "Quite well" is the answer! I love these little links with three holes.  I think I have strayed away from components with more than two holes for a while, but I think it is time to play with variations.  I am looking forward to making these into double colored links and I have some ideas for projects that might lead into a kit (something else I have strayed away from for too long)

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