March 28, 2012

Motivation and Trunk Shows

 Noo!  I am not going to let my return to Rust Belt (or anything else) scramble my brains and push me off of this wave of motivation that I have been riding.  The beautiful spring weather, the green blooming on the trees, the many distractions... I have to stay on track!  Self employment has been this constant process of balancing working too much and not enough.  For so many years, all I did was work, no play.  Now that I am playing more, my work suffers.  There must be a middle ground!  I will find it.
 So today I post pictures.  Snapshots of the contents of my three large trunk show boxes, shipping in the next few days. I promised the stores pictures of the contents of the trunk show boxes to use as promotional materials, so I figured I wold post them here too, to show you what I have going on lately. Lots of ceramic goodies heading out the door. As soon as I can find that motivation again to finish packing and paperwork.
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