March 14, 2012

Hearts and Pi

Thank you for your compliments and comments about my Rose Tattoo heart pendant I posted the other day!  I heard you and I woke up early this morning, grabbed my coffee, put on some tunes, and made a bunch of them.  This should give me good opportunity to try lots of different colors.  Purple, blue, and pink have been suggested in addition to the ever popular red rose.

I also made some simple round links with roses on them and some cool woodland like woodgrain links with a leaf pattern pressed into the sides.  I am excited about those, and I can tell because I made a bunch of them.  I will wait to show them when they are glazed, because the idea won't translate as well without seeing them in color.  They are gonna be awesome!
Oh and Happy Pi Day!  It's 3/14, a day to celebrate infinity and math and stuff.  For me, it is a celebration of the day after my divorce was finalized and the day I began a brand new life, three years ago. Yay Me!

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  1. Hi there! I already love your hearts! Can't wait to see the colors you will use. I too, love using hearts in my designs. ;)

  2. Hi Melanie..can't wait until you put the final touches on these beauties..I am sure they be be abso fabu as usual...ttyl Lana xox