March 7, 2012

Bundled Up

Wow, did I really not blog about this last week?  I have really been a blog slacker this year.  I am working hard on turning it around this month though!  Anyway, I assembled a bunch of fun little Bundled Up bead sets in my Etsy shop.  They are random mixes of charms, pendants, links, and beads with a lot of unusual and one of a kind pieces mixed with some of my production line.  Each bundle is a deal at $20 and there are many styles to choose from!  It's ironic that I am just now posting about the Bundled Up mixes, as I made them when we were expecting snowstorms, and today is distractingly beautiful and warm looking outside.  So I am going to click "publish" and head out into the early spring weather for a little while!

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