March 9, 2012

Bead Bonanza This Sunday!

It's time once again for another Bead Bonanza!  I have been diligently making pendants every few days in the time I have been off from Rust Belt and today I started to get them all organized on my kitchen table.  I keep finding trays that I stashed around the house, plus I have a kiln full of more firing right now.  It's a little overwhelming, trying to fit them all into a cohesive display.  I am a little lost remembering actually making all of these, but here they are!  Unless I have some magic bead fairies hiding in the basement, I guess I have been busier that I thought. I am kind of excited to have a whole table full of pendants without having to dip into my website inventory.  This should keep me in good shape for Rust Belt when I return in a couple of weeks, plus I have enough where I can assemble a trunk show package or two for stores, which I have been wanting to do for a long time.  Of course, there is always the hope that I will sell a million pendants at the Bonanza, hehe, let's keep positive thoughts for that.  I can always make more...

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