February 3, 2012

Travelogue of Fantasy: Ice Places

So it's February now and while usually that means frigid icy cold here in Michigan, the weather has been unseasonably warm.  I am not convinced that we will be having a calm and warm winter though... I think we will have the ice and snow and bleh that we have every year, it's just later this year.  Anyway, I have decided that this month I will spend some time thinking here on the blog about fantasy places that are in the snow or ice.  Frozen worlds of the imagination.  Can you help me with any classic ice worlds from art or literature?  Leave me a comment!

I am particularly interested in ice castles, and a quick search on the internet proved that many other artists are interested in them too!  I am finding many beautiful buildings and sculptures made from ice which promise to inspire me.  Here is one of my favorites so far:

 I found this art piece on the website Inhabitat.com See the full article here.

"Back in January, Yushiro Okamoto, with the help of Kian Yam, froze large blocks of ice embedded with flower seeds. The blocks were then stacked into a long, head-high spine in an open space on MIT’s campus near the Charles River. At night special lighting came on to illuminate the translucent ice wall and cast an icy blue hue onto the landscape. The wall remained standing and braved more snow, wind, and cold, which eventually transitioned into rain and sun.

The wall has gradually melted away, soaking into the grass below, and the seeds came closer and closer to ground, until eventually the ice melted completely away leaving only seeds. These seeds will work their way into the ground, germinate and bloom later this spring to continue with the celebration of MIT’s 150 anniversary. Okamoto’s goal was to build something that would leave a lasting legacy after the installation was over and these spring flowers are certain to achieve that.

Image Credits: Andy Ryan, George Lin, Huang Li, Yushiro Okamoto"

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  1. My friend from college went to Japan to teach English and they had the most AMAZING ice festival!

  2. I always loved Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen...that story conjures up amazing snowy worlds (among other things)