February 13, 2012

Frozen Time and Random Thoughts

I have been wanting to work on my monthly project, thinking of frozen Ice Places and getting some kind of inspiration, but I really haven't been able to muster up too much yet.  Maybe it is because we haven't had a REAL snowstorm here for a while, not until last Friday night.  We got hit pretty big for a night.  The snow is still lingering around and it is COLD!  Maybe I will be inspired now.  

I packed up my Rust Belt booth last week for a while and had a lovely weekend of almost ALL play and very little work, which I hadn't done on the weekend in months and months. It was good to get all that stuff packed up.  My sunroom is looking pretty scary now, since that's where I put it all.  Seemed like a lot of work to drag it all down to the basement or garage, so the sunroom it was!  I think I should get some curtains so it doesn't look so terrible and crowded from the street.  I fit almost all of the display stuff in there, except for this cool looking clock above.  We found it at an antique store and it is awesome, but it smells TERRIBLE.  Even after months of airing it out.  So I decided to make it stay outside.  I like how the snow looks on it.

On Saturday I took a class in guided meditation and finding your inner sanctuary. It was really helpful and I haven't meditated like that before.  I have always tried the Zen path of clearing my mind, but that never works well.  Instead, this was about visualizing a sort of "happy place".  I already have that!  In fact, it is pretty nicely formed already and I have been using it for a while!  I never thought to use that as a meditation place in my mind, though, so that was a bit of a revelation.  Anyway, this time, I imagined a stairway made of blocks of ice that I descended from the sky into my sanctuary.  The ice wasn't cold or slippery though, thankfully... that would have made for a difficult walk down!  Leave it to me to trip and fall in my guided meditation!  hehe... but I didn't.

Also in my sanctuary was a castle that used to be made of stone but was now made of icy, crystally, opal brick.  I think some of the recent thoughts about Ice Places inspired that, especially the post I made recently about the ice bricks.  I have made some new pendants, shown above, that I hope will somehow reflect this sort of icy brick castle idea.  The inside cutout holes will be filled with Ice Resin, probably filled with some other symbolic things, but I am not sure what they are yet.

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  1. I love your image for your guided meditation!! That's so gorgeous and I totally understand this connection to ice as a thing of beauty. Looking forward to seeing where it leads :)