January 2, 2012

Travelogue of Fantasy: Sky Places

I am starting my study of places of the imagination with locations in and of the SKY!  One of the first places I thought about is Laputa from Miyazaki's animated classic Castle in the Sky, one of my favorite movies.  I love the adventure of the main characters on their search for Laputa and all the magical things they learn along the way and the friends they make.  It is really a gorgeous movie, and full of cool steampunky vehicles and strange nature robot technology.
I don't have a plan for how I might be inspired by Laputa or other places of the imagination.  I might become inspired by maps or fantastical modes of transportation or imaginative architecture.  Or maybe I will dream about the flora and fauna of these places. I like that I can pull from any number of sources for inspiration, as the theme itself is broad enough to capture my interest.  I am really drawn to thinking about places of the imagination, probably a side effect to being stuck here in this house in metro Detroit until the economy gets better.  I may be stuck here, but I have been trying to make the most of it.  And dreaming of far away places that don't exist seems to appeal to me, as it lets my mind wander and explore, even if I can't.
One of the first steps in my own skyward journey is moving into a little space upstairs.  Ok, it's not a castle in the sky... but it's a little studio spot in a window overlooking the sky!  There have been changes in my house that have shifted all the studio spaces, including my purchase of a huge living room sofa that I have vowed not to work with messy things on.  My brother has moved a lot of things out and cleaned up the basement and upstairs areas, which gives me new places to set up and work.  I have a room that is very cluttered with art stuff, and it is a little overwhelming to see it, so I need to get that organized. I would like to be able to do some claywork in that room, as well as other more messy multi-media crafts.  I hope to move and set up my beading studio upstairs, as I don't really bead as much as I would like, and I might be able to keep that sort of organized.  It's a little emotional to move up into my ex-husband's old studio space.  All the years I have lived in this house, this space has not been "mine" so it is a little challenging, but I am up for the work it will take to get it done!

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  1. I love this little space that you are carving out for yourself. I think that it sounds like a restful retreat where you can be inspired and dream. I wish you creative inspiration in 2012, Miss Melanie! Know that I am thinking about you and I take my own imaginary excursions!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Thanks so much, Erin. It is good to be blogging again and it is good to see your smiling face! :)

  3. Hey Girl! How exciting, a new space to work and be creative! you need to OWN IT!! I am excited for this new blog series of yours! I am always inspired by your work!
    Must be the time of year, I moved my studio back upstairs as well! Time for a change!

  4. I am excited for what is to come. I remember reading your blog when you were discovering and inventing your steampunk pieces. I am sure this will be wonderful.

  5. Lorelei,
    Yes, I need to own it! It is MINE after all. Good luck with your move upstairs, I just dropped a whole box of freshwater stick pearls in my move, LOL

    Thanks! I am rather proud of that project and also my Song Lore blog project, but I haven't worked really seriously on a creative project like this for some time. I am looking forward to it too.

  6. Lorelei is correct, you need to OWN that space!! Take it back, as you have the rest of your house! I believe it was Charlotte Bronte who wrote about all sorts of far-off lands in her poetry, yet never left her estate... just because.. so you are in good company with these flights of fancy!!! Best of everything to you in 2012!!

  7. Amy,
    Good to know I am in good company! And I like the thought of "flights of fancy"... appropriate for my sky theme this month! Thanks for the well wishes