January 21, 2012

Laputa House and Cloud Pendants

I was really pleased with the finished Laputa House carved plate when I got it out of the kiln!  I used a dark metallic glaze over the whole surface and wiped it away so it only filled in the carved lines.  Then I used a egyptian aqua crackle glaze and a clear glaze to paint in the sky and clouds.  The variation in color and texture when the glazes met was unexpected and very welcomed!  I really love this piece and very much want to carve more.  I think the image will make for a nice pendant design, too.  I am still thinking about how I might go about doing that.
I made a few simple cloud themed pendants, too.  These need to be photographed and added to Etsy.  Finally!  Something new for the Etsy shop.  I will have to wait until Monday to do this, though.  I have a busy weekend ahead, balancing between Rust Belt Market and a local convention where all my friends are hanging out.  Whee!

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