January 18, 2012

In the Clouds

Perhaps starting my new blog series with the theme of cities in the sky was not the wisest choice!  I feel a little like I am floating and flying lately.  Although, in fairness, that is not entirely because I am thinking of far away places in the clouds, I am feeling really happy and floaty lately, which is not a complaint.  It does make for a hard time getting grounded and getting to work, though.  Today's post is to provide some color inspiration to get me motivated to glaze some of the new work I have done lately.  Here are some great inspirational images from Google Images from my search of cities in the sky.

Above: the city of Twinergy, from an Indian Bollywood animated movie
Above: Heavenly City photo manipulation from artist Yang Yongliang
Above: Castle in the Pyrenees by Rene Magritte
 Above: Cloud City from Star Wars
Above: a photo of the real city of Dubai, taken from the sky, making for a surreal looking city

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  1. Gorgeous inspiration pics :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I LOVE this theme! I had forgotten about this piece by Magritte and now you've opened my mind up to a whole new genre of art to seek out. Thank you :)