January 12, 2012

Birds in Progress

I haven't been able to work too much on the Sky pieces this week, but I have had some wonderful mental images swirling around my brain.  I started to think about Icarus and his story about flight into the skies.  That started me thinking about birds, which have become a bit of an obsession for me over the last couple of years.  I drew a silhouette of a bird and cut a couple of them out of clay.  I intend to fire and mold them and do some carvings for pendants.  But this takes lots of steps and drying and firing, so I am just waiting and dreaming right now.  Hopefully, it will lead so some interesting new components.  I don't really know what all of this bird imagery has to do with the original concept of sky places, but the point of this project is to inspire me into new directions, so here we are...
In my research, I found a blog about Loplop, Max Ernst's bird familiar, and I remembered a blog post I wrote about it a while ago.  It's funny how I seem to keep coming back to the same ideas and inspirations.

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  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. i *love* birds, so am excited to see what comes of your new work. i looked at your old post about the familiars and thought you might like to hear about mine. he's bear, and is a black bear. he was given to me by my father when i was very young. my dad went to mexico and brought back fetishes for me and my sister. hers was a pheonix and mine was a bear paw. little did he know the signifigance of that gift. i didn't become aware of bear until my teens. i think i didn't need him till then. when i need him, i call him and i get this warm sensation on my back, like a bear has sidled up and is hugging me. he is wise and kind and very forgiving. i don't know what i'd do without him.

    1. Thank you for sharing about your bear familiar, I enjoyed hearing about it. :)

    2. one more thing about bear; he *loves* to be creative. i often ask what he wants to do. jewelry or polymer clay? what do you want to make with clay? yesterday he wanted to make nests. he's pretty cool that way. also, if you want your own familiar, you should start by praying and meditating. praying to align yourself with the Universe, meditating to go inside yourself, look for your own wisdom. inside and outside. then, watch for what the Universe shows you. an animal *will* appear to you. driving along and a stag jumps in front of your car, scaring the bejesus out of you? it's a sign from the Universe. listen and wait. good luck to you!