October 13, 2011

Etsy Boot Camp Week 3

 Ok, I haven't really spent much time on this week's tasks, which are mostly about photography.  Cleaning up after a two show weekend and taking care of a sick dog has left me no time or energy this week.  I will keep this short, but here are a few things I tried.  Above, a wider product shot of one of my necklaces.  I struggled to get this and I am not happy with it.  The necklace display is not very attractive and I don't think it really accents the jewelry.  I think I need a little bust form.  So back to the drawing board, there.
 I need more space in my photo area to take these types of shots.  I was fighting with my tripod and camera and was generally unhappy with this process.  I think my photos are ok for now, so I am not going to sweat it much and put it on a long term list.
I did get this picture of my packaging, so we will call that a success.  I took some more pictures of jewelry and edited them and will find some time to list them soon.  Not much progress for this week, but that's ok, I knew it would be tough after the show.  See you next week with hopefully more progress!

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  1. Love the packaging, Miss Melanie! I have similar little boxes for my pendants. I would like to do something different to jazz them up. You are so very clever! I am playing around with baker's twine but I think that it is a bit spindly... we shall see. Enjoy the day!

  2. Love your packaging, too! I'm certainly no expert in any area and I think your photo is great -- the lighting, and the crisp & sharp focusing of the elements in it are beautiful. I understand your concern with the bust form. I think one of those forms that are covered with a burlap-type material or twine-looking material would be great with the type necklace you have created. Just my little two-cents (for what it's worth) :) Have a great weekend, and I hope your dog is feeling better. My pets are like my children, and I understand how tired you must be.