August 23, 2011

Back from Bead Fest

I have returned from Bead Fest! The best things about Bead Fest were meeting lots of awesome designers and bead makers, some for the first time, and some who I only get to see at shows.  It really is the people who make all the hardships of a show worth the effort.  My buddy Diane Hawkey and I did as much schmoozing as we could, watching each other's booths, and going out for a couple of fancy and fun dinners.

I had a good response to my newest stamped designs, and sold out of a few of them, which was encouraging.  I ended up drawing and inking about a dozen new designs for stamps which I will be working on today.  I bought some supplies for my holiday jewelry and some new items that I hope will inspire me to get back into designing for articles.

As you may have gathered, the show was not so great financially for me.  It was definitely not as bad as it could have been, as I covered my expenses, but not by much.  It was very disappointing and I don't plan to return next year, but will consider it again in the future. I wish I had brought some of my regular items that people expect to see from me, and I wish I had spent a little more time and energy bringing some more elaborate displays, but I managed an elegant display of new work and it was well received, so I can't complain much.  I just have to work a little harder this month to make up for it, unfortunately.

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  1. Shows are always a gamble like that. Sorry to hear that it wasn't as financially successful as you would have liked, but it was definitely nice to see you all and chat. You guys were one of my only purchases at the show!!!

  2. Aww, Sorry it didn't go as planned. I was there Friday for a bit and didn't get a chance to find you. I would have loved to purchase some of your beads!