August 29, 2011

Antiquing in Saugatuck

Almost immediately after my return from Bead Fest, Alex and I went on a short and much needed vacation to Saugatuck Michigan.  We had a great time on our trip!  One of the places we went was a big antique mall (which was perhaps in Douglas, I am not sure).  Here are some pictures of stuff I liked from that trip!  Above, some cute skull maracas. I am totally in Halloween mode, so these really appealed to me.
This interesting metal box is a personal heater.  It has a space inside to put hot coals or charcoal and a little vent that opens up to vent.  Seems like a great way to warm up your hands or feet on long winter carriage rides.
I am always drawn to birdcages, and this one was particularly unusual.  It it a spinning globe style cage.  One day, I will buy an old birdcage, I am just waiting for the perfect one to call to me.
Oh, I meant to go back to pick up this fun little pinball game.  I am starting a collection of board games to decorate my studio, and I thought this would make a nice addition.  It was a little beaten up, but I liked the colors and shapes.
I always love to see things related to ovens and furnaces, like this cast iron door.  They remind me of kilns, I guess.
I meant to go back for this item, too!  It is some kind of bug killer, where the bugs fall down into the cone.  The top and bottom had tons of perforated holes throughout the metal surfaces, which i thought would make for a cool lantern with some candles or string lights somehow inserted.  Neat looking piece of metal, anyway.
I loved the spooky graphic on this can.  I am not sure what Magic Foam is, but it looks dangerous.
I also loved the graphics on this large BBQ platter.  I am not sure how I resisted all of these goodies!  I ended up buying a cool glass bottle, a box full of metal dog licenses, and two game boards, and a bracelet made from bent Gerber baby spoons that had creepy baby heads on it.  Some nice finds for not a lot of money.
We had a really nice relaxing time, spending some time walking along Lake Michigan, and generally resting up to get ready for the upcoming busy Autumn.

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  1. Wow! I totally used to own a BBQ exactly like that. I wonder what happened to it.

  2. That should have said "BBQ tray"!

  3. I love to go shopping for vintage and antique items! Looks like you had fun. The personal heater would have been hard for me to resist.

  4. yeah. exactly how did you manage to resist those things? i love that box, very 50s space agey and that magic foam can. creepy. but in a good way. ;-)
    the beach looks great. i can't wait to visit it in sept for heather's retreat!
    enjoy the day!

  5. Ooooo those are some good finds. That makes me want to get back out and do some antiquing.

  6. I'm totally in Halloween mode too! I'm so ready for Fall. (my fave season)
    I love vintage graphics. I'm glad you got some great R&R, and some antiquing in too!

  7. OOOHHHHH did you go to that shop next to the burger place? I love Saugatuck!!

  8. fantastic finds! Thanks for sharing