July 21, 2011

Trees and Leaves

Here are a couple more new designs I have been working on!  I am so in love with this leafy tree design which I made with a rubber stamp that I had made from one of my drawings.  I have made this pendant as a rectangle but I also like it as a leaf shape.  I am experimenting with lots of earthy colors, which is fun.  These are not items I am planning on putting on my website (yet!) so I am using up some of my glazes that are more irregular and inconsistent.  It make it sort of fun to look in the kiln and find new treasures!

This leaf is made from a stamp I made ages ago for my Candy Ornament line  I stopped making those for a variety of reasons but I still love the designs, so I am trying to work them into pendants. I am looking forward to playing with some of the fruit and veggie and holiday designs as pendants.

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  1. I am particularly drawn to that tree pendant. I love the earthy color and think that the shape is lovely. Why not a rust colored tree? That would be great! Enjoy the day, Miss Melanie!

  2. I have a fresh batch to glaze up today! There will be rusty trees soon!

  3. I love your ceramic. I have tried to bake a few pieces myself but it never looks as wonderful as yours