July 20, 2011

Modern Hippie

 I have added some new pendants to my Etsy shop in a section I am calling "Modern Hippie"  These designs are in response to requests I have been getting from customer at the Rust Belt Market.  I think "peace sign" has been my most requested thing. First is a gear themed peace sign design called Working for Peace.  I wanted something steampunky and industrial but with that classic peace sign symbol and in bright hippie colors!
 This peace sign is an old stamp I made a long time ago.  I have SO many cool stamps I have made over the years from drawings I have done, it is nice to get them back out to use again.  And my slab roller has enabled me to be able to make lots of consistent clay slabs very quickly, so I can stamp and cut and have a huge pile of pendants in no time.
 I am super geeked about this pendant!  Especially since I got my new bike!  I haven't been feeling well enough to ride lately (plus it has been hella hot) but I do love that bike and I have found that there are lots of bike lovers in Ferndale, too, so this was a popular design for its debut last weekend.
Another old stamp is this earth, I am just using it in a new way that I haven't tried before.  It's clean and simple and symbolic and I think it will make a nice addition to my line.

You can find all of these pendants for sale in my Etsy shop!

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  1. Wow, funny about the peace sign, I myself have been particularly attracted to peace signs lately. It's the only symbol I want to work with right now. I made a peace sign necklace recently and I'm now working on creating a line of peace sign jewelry for a local gallery shop. Guess I'm onto the current vibe! I hope that means my jewelry line will sell at the shop.

    Your pendants are great, Melanie. Love the peace signs, of course and the bike is so CUTE! Love it.

  2. Love these! I'm with Erin - I've been all over the peace signs lately...I even just ordered something the other day and got to choose the fabric, and I chose one that was peace and love :o) I ended up getting the earth pendant you pictured above - it's really pretty and simple and I love it :o)