June 7, 2011

Earthenwood Design Team Update

I have two updates for you from the Earthenwood Design Team!  Above, check out the necklace that Erin Prais-Hintz created using one of my Ice Cream pendants!  She calls it "With Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top!" which is exactly what it looks like!  I love the multi-colored sprinkles and the one red bead near the top of the ice cream cone.  It is colorful and candy-like, but the dark copper patterned chain tones it down, making it a bit more elegant and wearable.  Drop by her blog to read her post about it!
Lorelei Eurto also made a yummy piece of jewelry with one of my Ice Cream cones, in a similar color to the one Erin used.  Her piece is very different, though.  She paired the ice cream and link with neat sorbet colored O-Rings and fun little flower gear beads for a very whimsical bracelet.  Click on over to her blog to read her post about this bracelet.

I usually pick a new item to send to the Design Team and to two additional people around the first of the month, but with Bead & Button looming, I just don't have the time.  I will be seeing many of the team members at the show, so I will give those members their June beads.  I think I will also choose two random customers to be honorary team members while at the show, too!  Stay tuned to see what I give them and what they make!


  1. Hi Melanie,you guys are so lucky i wish i could go and meet all of you > maybe next year :) i hope you all have a fabu time and those icecream pendants are so cute and i just love what Lorelei and Erin have done with them.
    Have a safe journey take care ttfn L ;)

  2. Hi, Melanie: Those ice cream beads pendants are so cute. Perfect for summer jewelry.


  3. I'm posting my designs on my blog today & tomorrow: http://www.michellemach.com/blog/

  4. Melanie, I love both of these designs using your so sweet ice cream pendants :) Wish I were going to B&B too - Have a safe and enjoyable trip!