May 31, 2011

World Steam Expo

I am diligently working hard today, because I declared it the last day of wet clay work before Bead & Button.  But I wanted to check in really quick and post a few pictures of myself and my costumes from the World Steam Expo.  I was there a little of each of the four days, but one of the days we dressed in more casual, everyday "steampunk style" as opposed to a costume, since we went out on the town for shopping and lunch on Sunday. On Saturday, I got to see Abney Park perform an acoustic set which was great!  There were so many inspiring and creative costumes to marvel at! All in all, we had a lot of fun with our costumes and the panels and the Expo, even though the heat on Monday caused me to have a little meltdown (it was HOT and I was wearing the center outfit and there was much traffic madness because of Memorial Day, all of which made me a very crabby girl).  I have a renewed interest in steampunk, both in terms of character development and costuming, and as a personal style and aesthetic.

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  1. I love the pants in your first outfit. While I haven't joined the Steampunk movement, I have avidly followed the progress. I was even able to download a few free books for the Kindle, which were really interesting.

    thanks for showing us!!

  2. I love the second costume. I find myself more and more drawn to steampunk every time I go to a Con.

    And isn't Abney Park great. They are from Tacoma so I got to see them before they cut their first cd.