May 7, 2011

Response Saturday: Primitive Pewter Collaboration

 Something new that came out of the studio this week is this series of "Primitive Pewter" pendants.  I call them primitive not only because they are pretty rough and crude, but because we used a fairly primitive casting technique to create them. They were a collaboration between me and Alex.  I made most of the molds, he cast the pewter.  I love squishing clay, he loves setting fire to metal.
 The molds were made by rolling out a thick slab of porcelain, pressing a blank rectangular shape into the clay, and then adding decoration using found objects, mostly pieces of hardware.  I had to think inside out and in reverse when visualizing them, so I stuck to basic shapes and patterns, keeping them simple and industrial themed.
 I sanded, dried, and fired all the molds and then Alex poured a little bit of pewter in each one.  There were some problems with bubbles, so we need some more experimenting to refine the process, but I love the primitive effect just the way it is.
Before I handed off the molds to Alex, I pressed them in porcelain.  I like the way these look too!  I will probably take them back from him and produce a bunch of these before giving them back, just in case the molds break during the metal casting process, which they are very likely to do eventually.  I like the idea of having the same item in two different materials.

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  1. these look wonderful - and i really like that collaborative part... hoping you show your glazed porcelain finished pieces!

  2. How cool is this collaboration!? Will these pewter lovelies be for sale too? I think that is a great idea!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Very, very cool Melanie. I love how you think outside the box.