May 21, 2011

Response Saturday: Hiatus

 When I started Response Saturday, I had no idea I would be participating in a weekly two-day market that would be successful, or that I would be working so diligently on my website stock, or that I would be *this* busy.  So I need to put that project on hiatus, at least until after Bead & Button.  It seems a proper "response" to be able to respond to the demands of the project itself.  I am working on lots of new things, but they are not really the same blog-worthy types of things I had planned.
 I am heading off to Market in a few minutes, but I wanted to quickly post and show a few new pieces I made last weekend at Market.  A necklace with a new key pendant and some fun stacked charms and objects, plus two more link bracelets.  I really love these!
I made a bunch of these newsprint links yesterday, and elaborated on the series.  I think they will be the few brand new items I will be showing at B&B this year, so I am excited about them.  Have a great weekend, all!

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