May 27, 2011

Qwerty Charms

I have a new item in my shop to tell you about!  QWERTY charms!  Someone at my recent show, after seeing how easily my pendants and charms and findings can be personalized into custom necklaces, suggested I take it a step further and offer initial charms.  I thought this might be a bit of a challenge, because I didn't want to make something that looked too "cutesy"...I wanted something that would fit in with the work I already had designed for this particular display.  So I gave it some thought and dreamed up these very graphic, pewter and bone white charms that resemble old fashioned typewriter keys.  They are perfect... a little bit antique and a little industrial.  Next I needed a jewelry sample:
This fits perfectly with the kinds of necklaces I have been helping my customers make lately!  People seem to just love this idea of assembling the components on a big jump ring, mixing and matching to suit their style.  I just ordered a couple of spools of this kind of ball chain to stock in my booth... it will be very easy to cut the perfect chain length for people without needing jump rings and time to assemble the chain!

My next challenge will be making something along the lines of a customizable mother's necklace, complete with mix and match birthstone charms, that will go with this look too!

Melanie is an artist, blogger, writer, and ceramic beadmaker at Earthenwood Studio. Her beads and components can be found at her Etsy shop and her jewelry can be found in her Etsy Galleria. To comment on this post, visit the original post at the Earthenwood Studio Chronicles Blog.


  1. Please bring these to B&B, Miss Melanie! I love them and want to snatch them up!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Those are great. I really love the glaze colors.