May 25, 2011

Owls and Kitties

 I have some good news!  I have finally added the Round Owl pendants back to my website!  You may know about my production issues of late, namely that I have had a problem with my standard clay being out of stock for the past few months while the supplier moved.  Unfortunately, I have still not received word of my clay being in stock, so I had to change my plans.  I ended up using a different glaze for the owls, one that is much lighter and more sandy in color, making them much less rusty in color.  They look great, just not the same as before, but I figured this is a better option than no owls.  I actually like the softer look.
I had thought about this glaze option but I was hesitant to use it.  This particular glaze is one that was discontinued by the supplier a few years ago, and I have been hoarding the two small jars that I have, just using it for a few things. I had a hard time finding more a while ago, but I think I have found some suppliers that have more of that discontinued glaze, so maybe I don't need to hold on so tightly to it.  *fingers crossed*.  While I was was working on restocking the round owls, I decided to bring back the Tall Owl pendants, too!  In all three colors.
And since the Tall Owls remind me so much of the Kittycat Pendants, I made some of those as well.  Again, I replaced the rusty brown with the sandy brown, and kept the seafoam, and added a pale flesh version, too!  I am so glad to have some of all of these cuties back in stock!

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  1. I love that pale flesh version the best but all of the pendants are gorgeous!

  2. Too cute! I think that all these glazes are great, but what is most special is the shapes to me.
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. Stay tuned for an ice cream treat! ;-)

  3. I love these! They are wonderful. Love the elongated shapes.

  4. Nice and cute animal influence on the jewelry.the owls look very interesting in earth colors do the cute little catty faces.