May 11, 2011

Earthenwood Design Team Update

 Whee!  I have a major Design Team update for you today!  So many beautiful things coming from the team lately!  Above is Springtime Frills, made by Erin Siegel.  I love how she used the egg as a toggle clasp and added one of my little nests!  And the contrasting colors of the brown woods and turquoise ribbon is wonderful!  I love that little addition of the frilly pieces of torn ribbon... such great texture!
 But wait, Erin wasn't done!  She also made this piece, The Key To My Affection, using one of the EarthenOxide keys for the challenge two months ago I sent her along with one of the crackle links from last month's challenge.  Another unique use of stringing materials in this piece... I love the way Erin knotted the waxed cord around the key.  Also, how about those contrasting colors!  I would have never thought to put red with pale blue but she makes it work so well!  Great work, Erin!  Check out her blog to read more (and see pics of her and that cute little baby of hers!)
 Wow.  Look at what Lorelei Eurto made! I love how she used a Green Girl bird as the toggle for this necklace!  There are so many great things going on here:  the little FLY charm, the little orange berry-like beads, the textures of turquoise beads, the pewter birds flying around.  Just wonderful!  Another great piece, Lorelei!  Read more about this one on her blog.

Take a look at this masterpiece that Erin Prais-Hintz created!  I absolutely love what she did with the wire and the egg... absolutely gorgeous!  As always, her sense of color and use of texture is wonderful.  Check out her blog to read her thoughts about this piece, which she calls Remember You Have Wings.

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  1. Such beauty! Easy to create when you have such wonderful components to work with! I am in love what that blue color, and I also love that these things are so versatile!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. All beautiful pieces. I really love that crackle texture!

  3. absolutely gorgeous - the crackle texture is so fabulous... mine will be coming to you soon!

  4. thanks for sharing a very beautiful design of jewelery they are fabulous.

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  5. I'm thinking of using more than one shade for our bridal party?? That is one of my favorite things to do to unique pieces using with Turquoise Beads.......