April 24, 2011

Response Sunday: Vintage Leather

 I am a day late for Response Saturday, but I am just thrilled to have had a bit of time in the studio to play this week!  This project is a pretty simple one, but it's lots of fun.  The idea and parts have been sitting on my desk for months, it seems.  It all started when I picked up some unusual leather postcards from an antique store.
 The postcards appear to have been handmade, the images stamped and stained into thin soft leather.  These postcards are from around the turn of the century... the one below clearly has a 1906 postmark stamping.  I love the patina of the leather and knew when I bought them that I wanted to make jewelry with them somehow.
I used a simple bracelet kit from Tandy Leather and punched holes in strips of the postcard and the bracelet.  I used some pewter colored eyelets to attach them all together.  This postcard in particular had the phrase "up for thirty days" and a picture of a calendar on it. I can see this as a starting point for more elaborate bracelets one day...I think I want to try recycling old leather belts and purses for the bracelet base next time.

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  1. That has to be one of the coolest finds I've seen in a long time. Leather postcards, who knew. I love the cuff you made with them.