April 30, 2011

Response Sunday: Gilder's Paste and Propellers

This week, I had a little time in the beading studio and made a few things with the wonderful metal bits I got from B'Sue Boutiques.  Since they are carrying some of my beads, I wanted to make some samples that incorporated both of our products.  I made three pieces and I wanted to show this one today because it involved using a new material: Guilder's Paste.  I used the Tulip Red paste to color the fox stamping in this necklace.  Guilder's Paste is a really neat product with lots of possibilities.  It comes in a tin and is very similar to shoe polish.  I used a cloth and a cotton swab to apply it to the fox, but in the future I think using a paintbrush with a little bit of paint thinner would work better.  I learned this tip from watching one of B'Sue's many videos!  Check out the B'Sue You Tube channel for lots of informative info.
Another thing that I think was innovative in this design was the use of findings in unusual ways.  First, the V shaped pendant base started out as an album corner (like the kind you would use on a box or photo album).  I just looped the ends around to attach them to the rings.  I also wanted to add the fox stamping, but it had no holes or loops.  I didn't want to just glue it in place, I wanted prongs of some sort.  I discovered that the small brass propellers (so cool!) were very easy to manipulate and once I figured out the placement, they worked perfectly to secure the fox head in place

I decided to call this piece Fox Princess, because she looks like my foxy dog Zoey, and she is clearly a princess.

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  1. You are so very inventive! What a clever use for that little corner, and those propellers! I have heard of this guilder's paste before. Now you make me want to get some.
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. She most certainly is a princess. I think that regal pup needs a tiara!

  2. I use Gilder's paste all the time - it is a fantastic product. The golds and bronzes are unparalled in their variety.