April 22, 2011

Renewed Design: Sugar Skull Charms

 I am very pleased to announce that after many requests, I have finally added the Sugar Skull collection back to my Earthenwood website.  I have been meaning to get these restocked for months and months, but I was resisting it and dreading it.  I think it is because they are very time consuming...at least the way I used to do them was time consuming.  I gave them a little redesign which will make them so much easier to make, and now I love them again!
 The redesigns made them slightly less ornate.  For example both Flores and Frida have a few less dots and flowers.  But I think they retain the essence of the design... cute and colorful and a little bit creepy!
 The main change is in the balance of black and white.  The old ones were almost entirely white, but the crevasses were glazed with a deep jet black.  It was always hard for me to get that black into the cracks and then get the entire surface cleaned up and white again.  So I decided to keep them mostly black and just wipe away the top surface.  This also makes it so I don't have to put an additional layer of clear over the whole thing, letting the white clay create the contrast by itself.  Diablo got a bit of a change to make him easier for me to glaze, too. I hope everyone likes these changes, because they make me happy (and willing to keep making these!)

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  1. these are terrific and i love frida! glad you found a way to balance your time and the requests...

  2. Frida is awesome, and I love sugar skulls -- my customers just don't get them at all. :-(

  3. They still look great after the changes :)

  4. Love these. Where are you selling them?
    so long, linnplous@gci.net

  5. Thanks everybody! Linn, you can find them on my website here: http://www.earthenwoodstudio.com/product/sugar-skulls