April 28, 2011

Recent Earthenwood Graphic Work

 I have been wearing my "graphic designer" hat for my business lately, which is not my favorite of the hats I wear (not the worst either).  I used to really dread having to do graphics.  I think it was mostly because I felt insecure about my 2D design work.  I think I am feeling better about it, or at least I have let go of some of the insecurity in favor of not overthinking and overworking things.  Above is a banner I designed for my booth at the Bead & Button Show (and probably other bead shows, too)  I can't tell you how long I have wanted a banner for the show, but it always gets pushed to the last minute and then it is too late.  Since I was working on many graphics for things before B&B, I added to the list, and now I am waiting for this to arrive as a 4x2.5' vinyl banner.  So excited!
I also made this postcard for my booth at the Rustbelt Market.  I wanted something really rusted and worn looking, and it needed lots of information.  I am very pleased with this design and the cards look awesome!  They are all glossy and colorful on the front and the back has just a little bit more info and space for mailing labels and other labels that will have specific dates on them.  And I got 500 of them, so expect to see them all over the place (and stuffed into mail orders too!).  Thanks to Vistaprint for making all these marketing materials so easy and affordable

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  1. I think that you shouldn't sell yourself short! I love your rustic look and think that complements your style well (and mine, too!). I think you have a great sense of style and what works for you, Miss Melanie. Work it girl!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. You've been busy! I used to love graphic design, even went to school for it. Your pieces look great, and I know how wonderful it feels to get them back from the printer!

  3. Melanie, you have a real eye for design and both of these look incredible!