April 4, 2011

NCECA 2011

 Hi friends! It's been quiet here on the blog, as I was away for a few days in Tampa Florida for the NCECA conference. I haven't gone to it in a while, as it is a little bit out of my personal realm of artwork, but I went this time to support my brother Jeremy, who won the prestigious Emerging Artist award.  He was one of six young artists who won this award and he presented his work to a large group of his peers, which I can only imagine was a huge honor, albeit nerve wracking. He did a great job... I am super proud of him!  And we had much fun while away, talking to many different artists and getting new inspiration.
 I didn't have to DO anything at this conference, except help Jeremy out when he needed it, so I took the opportunity to relax.  The weather was not nice for half of the trip, but I did get one day of sunshine, which I spent walking to the museum and having a quiet lunch of Caprese salad and strawberry chocolate gelato for dessert.
I spent one morning beading by the pool with the palm trees.  It was a little bit chilly for swimming, but dammit, I did it anyway.  I didn't leave the cold of Detroit to travel all the way to Florida to NOT have a swim, even if it was a quick dip.
I saw lots of great art but didn't take many pictures. There were lots of slide lectures and books and exhibits and gallery displays, but they were not very conducive to photography, so I just took a lot of mental snapshots.  I did like this turn of the century bronze sculpture at the Tampa Museum of Art, where Jeremy had a show in the NCECA Biennial.
I had a few drinks including this Beer Sangria that I want to replicate at home.  It had blueberry ale, cider, and lambic and was served with fresh fruit.  I love this idea!
I mentioned the crappy weather and two of our three flights reflected this with plenty of turbulence, which I did not enjoy.  The final trip from ATL to DTW was at night and was calm and a good end to the trip.

I am struggling to get back into the swing of things, which I usually have a hard time doing after a trip.  I think I will take a few more days off from blogging and will be back with a Design Team update and giveaway in the next few days, so stop back soon!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time! Wish I could have went!

  2. How awesome for your brother! The food and drink look worth the trip too :D