April 7, 2011

Morning at the DIA

 Quick post today while my dinner is cooking!  This morning we went to the DIA for a little research and inspiration.  I am embarrassed to say it has been a long time since I was there last.  I hope to make it a more regular thing.
 We mostly went for Alex to research the armor.  There is a great collection there.  He is working on a helmet for a reproduction costume for the new Thor movie and found he really enjoyed the process.
 As we looked at the many beautiful armor examples, I realized that he knew a lot about it, as he was telling me all sorts of interesting facts and observations the whole time.  I love when he geeks out about stuff like that.
I really liked some of the filigree work and hardware on some of the armor, and the shapes were beautiful!  I also liked the contrast of the solid sheets of metal with the chain maille and the leather straps and velvet that often were part of them.
I hope to be back to the blog tomorrow with some new things to show you.  This week has been so busy just getting caught up on work and normal life stuff like groceries and taxes.  Hopefully things will calm down soon!

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  1. OMG, that is too cool--a movie costume!!! whenever i see those suits of armor i think of how tiny those people were. and the revolutionary war uniforms at the Museum of American History in DC are so tiny--apparently that war was fought by little Filipino women. look at the tiny little waist on that armor!

  2. WOW, I did not know you were here in Michigan. It's been like forever since I've been myself!