March 25, 2011

Thoughts on my Published Jewelry

Today I listed a few more pieces that I made for publications in the Etsy Galleria.  It has been kind of fun to go through these pieces and write them up.  I have been revisiting all the work and time that goes into writing for magazines. There are so many steps over such a long period of time. I can remember when I designed the components, then when I made the necklaces, then when I submitted them and got them accepted, then when I wrote them and then the waiting a few months for them to get printed.  I have been writing for several years now, and have written over 70 projects and articles, but the process still amazes me.

For a long time, I hoarded the items that were published.  They make a great display at bead shows and give people ideas on what they can do with my components.  And I will still keep some of the best pieces that are good examples using my beads.  But it feels good to finally let go and get these creations into the hands (and on the necks!) of people who will wear and love them like I do.
I am trying to list 3-4 every day, as the pile of jewelry is overflowing.  Because along with each piece that did get picked for publication, there are two or three that didn't make it to print.  So yeah, that's a lot of jewelry.  Keep an eye on the Galleria for new stuff, and don't forget the spring jewelry sale!  Details are in the etsy banner.

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  1. This is GOOD NEWS! :)

  2. I love your style, Miss Melanie. So distinctive and with great attention to detail and color. Enjoy the day.