March 12, 2011

Response Saturday: Purple Hair

Yet another week of busy, busy, busy!  Not much time again to play with new things. Well, that's not entirely true... I did try something new this week.  I got purple colored hair extensions a few days ago, so I have a new look!  Of course, I didn't make those... my fabulous hairdresser Jackie from Studio for Hair did them for me (and gave me a new cut for spring, too!)  There are just a few purple streaks that peek though my hair now, and I love them!  I actually really love my hair and hair color, so I don't like the idea of dying it, but this gave me some fun color without the damage and permanence of a dye job.

While Jackie was trimming the extensions, a little tuft fell into my lap. You may recall that I already experimented with hair and resin last week but wanted to experiment further, and this was a perfect opportunity to try a different kind of hair under resin, so I made the pendant above.  I worked more carefully with the glue this time and used smaller pieces of hair, letting them flow more naturally in the space of the bezel.  It ended up making really soft lines and looked feather-like.  Pretty nice potential there.  Jackie mentioned that she would save trimmings of other colors for me if I want them... blending colors might bring a lot of depth and interest to these pendants.  I am definitely going to keep this one for myself, since it matches my hair perfectly and I think it will be really striking.  Well, maybe I will part with it in a couple of months when the extensions are ready to come out.  Then I can choose a new color, hehe!

I dunno why pictures from my iPod don't align the right way, even when I correct them in photoshop and rotate them on my computer.  So we will have to call it an artistic choice and be done with it.  I am tired tonight!

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  1. Hi Melanie, your hair looks really pretty and that pendant is pretty cool, i just love your components and hope to order some very soon.ttfn have a great Sat. evening ttfn Lana :)

  2. That pendant turned out so beautiful! And I love that shade of purple...I can't wait to see what you do with other colors :)

  3. You look/are adorable!!


  4. I saw those purple extensions at the counter where I take my kids to get their hair done and was so tempted! They look awesome on you, and I love how you worked them into the bezel - way cool!