March 19, 2011

Response Saturday: Leafy Heart

 Ack!  Too busy for Response Saturday this week!  Too busy to blog, even!  But I do have something to share.  I made this at the same time as the Grassy Pendant a couple of weeks ago.  I used a dried leaf from the floral arranging section of a craft store.  Nice leaves, actually.  They look like they have been enhanced somehow, which gave them exaggerated color and texture.  The leaves were rather stiff and brittle so I had a hard time cutting it to size and I somehow got it into the bezel in two pieces and poured the resin, but they kept popping up and I gave up.
 After the resin set and I had more patience, I decided to fill in the pendant with a little more resin and I added a brass fern leaf to give it a little more interest.  Overall, I am pleased with it, but if I were to do it again, I would paint in the back with dark green so the background didn't show around the leaf cutting.  I think that making a heart template would probably be a good idea if I do more.  I really like these bezels by Nunn Design...they have nice deep bezels and are great to work with.

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  1. love that green - it's a very pretty with the brass leaf added.

  2. I love how the brass leaf is poking through, very pretty

  3. So pretty..i love resin projects,thanks for sharing!!