March 5, 2011

Response Saturday: Grassy Hair

 I have been really longing for Spring lately.  Today was warmer than it has been and it was rainy, so the snow is starting to melt but not fast enough!  Plus, despite the warm afternoon, it is now snowing again, boo.  Anyway, I have been dreaming of green grass lately, even the other day when I was wandering around the craft store looking for inspiration.
 In the hobby section with the train and car models, I found various mosses and grass like things meant for dioramas and models.  I picked up this small bag of light green "field grass".  The bag said it contained "natural product" and it looked like hair to me.  Opening the bag later, I could clearly see that it is green dyed fine hair, and it does have a grassy look to it, so I played around with it to make the pendant above.  Since it is hair, it was a little hard to control and trim, so I struggled with it at first, but I managed to get most of it into the bezel frame.  I added the resin, filling the bezel about halfway and then added the black Arte Metal leaf cluster from Vintaj, which made it look a lot better.  I topped off the resin, filling it to the top of the bezel.  I think this has potential!  I think I would need to take a little more care with the hair though.  Maybe a little hairspray or gel might help control it. 
 When I first discovered the green hair "grass", I thought of the hair jewelry that was popular in Victorian culture, like the brooch above, made from woven hair set behind glass.  I have always been fascinated by this practice, and I like the idea of a modern way to preserve hair behind resin.  Hey, maybe I finally can find a use for all the fur my dog sheds!  (Just kidding, I won't do it, I promise!)

By the way, searching for hair jewelry pictures this morning brought me to the picture above from a cool blog and shop: Mitzi's Collectibles. The post that the picture came from is very interesting and a bit sad, but it sums up one of the reasons I enjoy antiquing.  And a cool bonus is that Mitzi the blogger appears to be a fellow Michigander, and has info about antique shops and flea markets that I might be able to visit!  So I have bookmarked her and plan to explore the blog archives and links more later.  I love when things happen serendipitously like that!

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  1. Hi Melanie, i didn't realize you were from Michigan,when i read that it was raining all day and then snowing i said to myself hey here too!!I took my son to hockey it was raining and we came out and it is snowing like crazy from what i saw on radar we are in for quite a bit. i am across in Windsor how far are you from there? I really enjoy your blog & your ceramic components are so unique ttfn Lana

  2. I have never heard of hair jewelry before. Very interesting! I love the pendant you created. The green grass hair looks great! I am going to have to look in the model building section next time I am in the craft store. You have sparked some ideas in me! TFS, Connie

  3. Lana, I am right next to Detroit in Hazel Park. Not very far at all. And now we have a new blanket of snow on the ground. *sigh*

    Connie, Victorian hair jewelry has a fascinating history! Have fun~!

  4. Hair jewelry fascinates me as well. Hair is a fiber. It is beautifully displayed woven. Thinking back on Victorian times, there was a different view of death and preserving loved ones memories. What may seem odd now, was a thing of beauty, honor, and remembrance to them.
    I like your experiment with the green grass and resin. I think that is cool. I'd love to go antiquing with you someday!

  5. I love mourning jewelry - Imagine my surprise when I won a bag of buttons on Ebay and received them and realized the background was woven hair! Apparently they even made mourning buttons!