March 26, 2011

Response Saturday: Clay Crisis

 I haven't had any time this week to play with non-clay materials for Response Saturday.  See, I have had a bit of a clay crisis.  I went to pick up some clay from my regular supplier, which I do about twice a year.  We just happened to be passing by on our way to Ohio, and I had just used up all my porcelain and even processed my scrap, so it was perfectly timed.  Unfortunately, they didn't have my regular clay, a very fine grolleg porcelain.  Frustrated, I picked up 50 lbs of their production porcelain.  This week, I broke into it and started to use it.  I discovered that I really dislike this clay for beadmaking. My supplier is also the manufacturer of my porcelain, and a phone call discovered that they would be out for several weeks.  Ouch.  So I am looking for an alternative and I think I have found one, luckily.  We just happened to order some clay and slip to play with from Matt and Dave's Clays and the clay I got seems to be a good match to my usual.  Whew!  I still have to see how it sands and fires, but I am optimistic.

So I am left with 50lbs of this clay that I don't like. It's not a bad clay, just not good for my usual techniques.  It will likely get used up by someone in this house. Also, I rolled out 4 slabs of it, which I need to use up before it dries up.  I mentioned that I ordered some slip from Matt and Dave's, so I tried a few pendants with it.  I think I am going to spend the afternoon using the slabs to make very simple cutout circle and square links and play around with the slip to make pendants like the ones I experimented with above.  I really don't have time for an afternoon of experimentation, but I am going to go ahead and take it while the opportunity strikes.  Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Grrrr! I hate when that happens! I know you will make lemon aid!

  2. Here's hoping for some surprising, serendipitous, good results!

  3. The pendants above remind me of the 3-D Catan game someone once made. :)