March 2, 2011

My New Wednesdays

This is the first pale pink crackle Love Letter set that I have made. The pink coloration is my own experiment!  I don't usually get involved with mixing my own glazes, but I had several of these crackle colors that looked pretty similar and pale white/gray (and also the store I bought them from sent me an extra jar) so I thought I would attempt to make one a little pinker.  The first attempt was a little crazy... it was super red!  So I diluted it some and came up with this color.  I am still experimenting, but I have used quite a bit of this and I really like it.
Speaking of letters and envelopes, I wanted to share my new shipping process with you.  Since it has been effect for about a month now, I think it's a pretty sure thing.  My buddy Mike now comes over on Wednesdays and does all my order fulfillment tasks for me!  It's great, and really frees up my time (and my sanity).  The downside is only shipping one time a week, but I think it's ok for now.  Hopefully my customers can be patient with the new weekly schedule.  While the shipping is a total lifesaver, Mike is also helping me with my website inventory, entering my sales and stock into spreadsheets, helping me figure out which items are selling best, and giving me lists of things that need to be made.  All of this logistical stuff makes my brain explode, so it is really awesome to get a list to work from.  It takes the guesswork out and gives me time to think about playing with new designs!  Which, by the way, I am really itching to carve some new pendants for spring.  Now that today's shipping is done, I think I will have some time this weekend.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Having a helper will be awesome relief! Can't wait to see the new designs!

  2. Lovely work! Thanks!
    Real love letters are and extict specie..

    We need to get back to the origins and send more love letters - but all in all they look great!