March 18, 2011

Earthen Oxide Update: Peacock Keys

I have updated the Earthen Oxide shop with a new set of Collage and Shimmer Keys in teal/blue/purple tones.  I am very pleased with how these colors turned out!  I have done some green before but was not happy with the color, so I was hesitant, but this teal green is really lovely.  I mixed some blues and purples into the resin, sometimes mixing them right onto the key, so there is a lot of nice variety in the surfaces.  They remind me of peacock feathers! 
These will be up today and tomorrow but I will have to close the shop for my Sunday show, as the keys are coming with me.  I wanted to give my online friends first crack at them first though!

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  1. Ooh, these are lovely! Makes me wish I'd been able to get some of them in the lot I bought -- though I'm very very happy with those, and hope to have awesome things made with them soon. Clearly I'll just have to buy another lot in the future once I've gone through the ones I have now, and try to get some peacock keys then. :-)

  2. Hi Melanie, those keys are just beautful teal is one of my fav colors to design with i'll head over to the shop and check it out thanks ttfn L:)

  3. oh my gosh, these are gorgeous!!