March 8, 2011

Collage Keys

Today I have two new Collage Keys from my Earthen Oxide collection to show you!  I was getting ready to do a new batch and I decided I wanted to try some purple resin.  For some reason, I thought it would be a hard color to mix.  Reds can often be fickle in various media and I had a hard time mixing green, so I thought the mixing might be tricky.  But it turned out great right away!  I keep adding colors and shimmer to the resin after painting a key or two, so the batch of keys has a lot of variations.
This newest round of Collage Keys are a bit more elaborate than the first round.  I used some plain text from old pocket dictionaries for the first batch and just focused on fields of text to create some pattern.  This time around, I broke open a new vintage book that I bought recently:
I found this book at an antique store recently and fell in love with it!  It's a tool catalog and the pages are full of very detailed engravings of all sorts of tools!  I am going to get a lot of use out of this book!  I also used some pages from one of the dictionaries that had some images in it.
Here is a shot of the keys before they get the resin treatment.  I need to be a little more careful not to add to much color and shimmer next time, as some of the imagery was lost in a few keys, because the resin got too opaque and dark.  They still look beautiful, but it is sad to see the imagery disappear.  I want to do some that are more graphic and black and white (or more like ivory and rust)

And don't forget... if you want to enter to win one of these keys for the Design Team challenge, you have until tomorrow to leave a comment on yesterday's blog post to be considered!

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  1. Hi Melanie,Happy International Women's Day to you! and as well it's also "fat Tues." so i say what better way to celebrate being a successful,creative women than with a couple of packsi without an ounce of guilt!!and as for those keys they are so cool,i especially like the second one. Have a great day and celebrate yourself! ttfn :)

  2. these are absolutely creatively spectacular... thank you much for sharing! :)

  3. How very unusual and creative I like these!

  4. These are so incredible! Jaw dropping!

  5. They are very pretty. I love all of your keys and I like seeing the before and after. Connie :)

  6. Just STUNNING, Melanie!! I love love love these.

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