February 20, 2011

Studio Tour Sunday: Dr Sketchy

Yesterday, three of my friends and I went to our first Dr. Sketchy Detroit event!  This is a really fun thing where people gather and pay a small fee to draw a live model.  Usually it is some kind of kick-ass punk rock chick, derby roller girl, burlesque dancer or other unusual performer and it is a real treat. Outside of art-schools, it can be really difficult to find this kind of opportunity, so Dr Sketchy events are a really great resource for artists.
It has been many, many years since I did any figure drawing.  I was required to do a year of still life and a year of figure drawing in college.  I tend to be more three dimensionally inclined and while I put in my time in my drawing classes and did the best I could, I didn't love it and I usually struggled with it.  Once my requirements were done, I put my pencils and charcoals away and haven't really missed them.  This was a fun way to explore this skill that I haven't accessed in a long time, and I had a great time doing it!

The two models we had yesterday were different from the models I had in school.  In school, we had nude models, and these gals had fun lingerie and props and tattoos, which made it really interesting!  I liked the lines and shapes that the ink and the lingerie made and sketched some full body drawings.  But as I became a bit warmed up, I seemed to focus on the faces, which was always very challenging to me.  I am pleased with what I drew in this session, even though my goal was only to "make marks on paper".

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