February 5, 2011

Response Saturday: Vintage Buttons and Resin Clay

I woke up one day this week with the burning need for an idea for transforming my vast button collection into usable components.  I let ideas bounce around in my head while I was laying in bed and most of my ideas were too complicated, until I came upon the epiphany of setting them into resin clay.
This seems to be a great solution, as I do not have to alter the button in anyway, dealing with the shank by simply embedding it into the clay. I think my first few samples are successful and I continued to play with this idea, adding more decoration around the clay that framed the buttons.
I tried one pendant using one of my new ceramic cut out frames, setting the clay and button inside the window.  I like this idea, but I think it would be better with a plain ceramic frame, as the detailing got lost.  Worth further pursuit...
Most of my buttons are jet black which doesn't really show the beautiful designs very well.  I added some colored resin and paint to some of the buttons for more contrast.  In this link, I used another ornate button to add decoration around the edge.

As I worked, the clay frames seemed to get wider, but I think in the future, I will make them as small as I can.  I also want to put a texture into them that looks like pounded metal.  The clay set up very fast, so I will have to get the timing right on that experiment.

I really like the immediacy of making these, and I like that I am using up some of the items in my studio that need to get cleaned out, and I am making something fun and new.  I have listed these in my Etsy shop, and I am sure I will add more soon, too.

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  1. I think this is a lovely way to repurpose those buttons! Very clever of you :)

  2. So cool! I especially like the next to last one.

  3. This is a GREAT way to solve your button shank dilemma!

  4. I just used a few shank buttons on a crazy quilt inspired wall hanging. Had to place them over heavy embroidery or other embellishments to hide the shanks. Embedding them in clay to make a flat piece is brilliant! I'd always figured they would melt or distort using polymer, resin clay is the perfect solution.