February 1, 2011

Red Shimmery Things!

Super quick post with some pictures I took tonight of new Shimmer Keys.  I had a request for a red one, so I mixed up a whole batch of the red and used it on a bunch of keys as well as some other things...

I have been saving these antique brass escutcheons and vintage lock for just the right color and this was the time!  They have lots of depth and shimmer...the resin is opaque enough to be pearly but translucent enough to show the metal underneath.  Oh, and I am really excited about these...

Colorful clasps! Chunky functional clasps with the same pearly resin and a little brass key inlaid onto the top.  I can't wait to design something with these.  I plan to edit the individual photos in the morning and start to get them listed on etsy tomorrow while I am stuck inside with the big snowstorm.

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  1. Your blog is a treasure-chest!!
    I love these shiny red bits, is any of them for sale??

  2. Sorry, I re-read and try to be patient, and quick I quess :-D

  3. oh these Shimmer Keys are sooooo beautiful. I love all your creations!

  4. These are all gorgeous. I'm loving the color combination of patina brass and rich red. Perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! <3