February 18, 2011

Kelsey Museum of Archeology Tour

Today has gotten away from me a bit... it's been busy.  But I wanted to make a quick post to talk about our adventures yesterday at the Kelsey Museum of Archeology.  Like I mentioned yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet with a docent, who showed us a variety of ancient pottery sherds that we could handle.  That was really neat to see all the different textures and surfaces of the clay and to actually be able to touch them.  We also got a quick tour of part of the museum, which was small, but had some wonderful artifacts from all over the ancient world.  I took a few pictures of Egyptian artifacts and goddesses and bead-like things.  I always love to see old Egyptian amulets as I am amazed by the detail of the ceramics especially in the small sizes.  The faience collar below was pretty amazing, made of tiny tubes of turquoise clay and teeny amulets hanging at the ends.

We had a really fun night out with a great dinner, a little shopping, and introspective time at the museum listening to the knowledgeable docent. Alex and I decided we need to spend more time at museums in the near future!  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to make something that is inspired by some of the Greek pots I saw.  We shall see what tomorrow brings...

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  1. So cool! Love that faience collar, the use of a horizontal row of beads between each row of vertical beads is a very nice design touch. Those clever Egyptians!